1.What Are the Reason of Dry Mouth ?

-Some medicines such as diuretic depression pills ,medications used to treat tension , antihistamines etc…

-Some diseases( such as syndrome of sjogren, syndrome of  mikulics,AIDS,diabetes,Parkinson)

-Radiation taken to the head and neck

-In the postmenopausal woman,during the salivary gland infections

Dry mouth might be experienced.

2.What Are the Symptoms of Dry Mouth ?

-dry felling in the mouth

-frequent swallowing

-burning on the tongue

-cracks on the lips

-bad breath

-sores in the mouth

3.How Do You Avoid Dry Mouth ?

First of all, the main reason  of the dry mouth should be diagnosed.If some diseases cause dry mouth,it will be enought to treat these diseases to avoid dry mouth.If medications that have been used cause dry mouth,the medicines might be stopped using or may be altered under supervision of a doctor.By taking these precautions below.dry mouth complaints might be reduced;

4.What Are The Causes of the Bad Breath ?

Buildup of bacteria in your mouth that is not cleaned properly gives off sülfür gases.Releasing this sülfür compound causes in your breath an unpleasant odor called “ halitosis “ in your mouth.Which parts of within mouth cannot be cleaned properly and results in bad breath?

5.How Can I Get Rid Of Bad Breath ?

As a first step,a very good oral hygiene is required.For a good oral hygiene,patient’s dental plaque is removed,inappropriate restoration is reviewed,other factors that might cause bad breath are cleared away.oral hygiene education is provided,and patient is motivated to apply oral care techniques..Besides sipping water can help you to get fresher breath.